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  • Ordering

    1. Can I get advice before I place an order?

      We would love to advise you so you can make the best choice. We can advise you in various ways. You can call us to be assisted by one of our specialists, or you can email us via and of our specialists are happy to help you.

    2. How do I order something from

      1. Place the required products in your shopping cart.

      First, search for the products you want to buy. Then place it in the digital shopping cart via the big green button. You can now either continue shopping or proceed to the next step to pay for your order.


      2. Fill in your details

      In the next screen, fill in your details. The delivery address and billing address are the same by default. If you want the order to be delivered to a different address than the invoice address, you can select this option at the bottom and fill in the information


      3. Choose delivery or collection

      In this step, you can choose whether you want to have the product delivered on a day that suits you. You can also pick up your order in our showroom when it suits you. This can also be indicated here.


      4. Check and pay

      Choose one of the payment methods, check your invoicing details, delivery details and the products you have ordered. Is everything correct?

      If everything's OK, you can pay for your order, simply and safely.

    3. Can I change my order?

      It is possible to change your order, as long as it hasn't been shipped yet. Once your order is shipped, it is unfortunately no longer

      possible to change it. Always contact us directly by telephone so we can still change your order for you.

    4. What is the stock level status?

      We include the current stock level of every product on the product page. If you have an urgent order, you can always contact us to see what we can do for you.

  • Payment

    1. How can I pay later?

      With us, it is possible to pay later by selecting this option on the last page of the ordering process. When you choose this option,you are accepting the terms and conditions, and you agree to the additional 'pay later' conditions. The invoice must be paidwithin 14 days from the date of delivery, or you must have informed us that you want to return the order. The additional 'pay later' fee is €4.95.

    2. What payment options do you offer?

      We offer the following payment method:

      • Ideal
      • Credit card (Mastercard and VISA)
      • Paypal
      • Pay later
      • Bank transfer
    3. What can I do if my payment has failed or it was rejected?

      If your payment has failed or it was rejected, we advise you to contact your bank or card provider, or to try again later. Of course,you can also pay later if one of your cards don't work.

    4. Where can I find my invoice?

      You can easily retrieve your invoice by logging in and going to your orders, where you can download your invoice. You can also send an e-mail or call us to request the invoice.

    5. When will my payment be refunded after cancellation of my order?

      As soon as we have received your order in return, or if we haven't sent it yet, you will be refunded in full, within 24 hours. We always process the refund immediately, however, due to the processing times of banks and payment systems, it can sometimes take a bit longer than 24 hours.

    6. How do I activate a discount code?

      Did you receive a discount code from us? Then you can simply activate it in the shopping cart, in the box marked: coupon code.


      Please note: you can use only one discount code per order.

  • Delivery

    1. How can I check my order status?

      When your order is placed, you accepted the indicated delivery time.

      You can also see the delivery time on your order confirmation. We use the following delivery times.


      Ordered before 21:00, delivered the next day.

      Delivered within 5 - 10 working days.

      Delivered within 2 - 4 weeks.

      Delivered within 4 - 6 weeks.

      Delivered within 8 - 10 weeks.

      Delivered within 10 - 12 weeks.


      If your order is not delivered the next day, we will keep you informed of the expected delivery date. Please note, this date can sometimes change. We will of course do our best to prevent this.

    2. What delivery options do you offer?

      With us, you can have the product delivered at any address, or picked up at a DHL parcel shop. We also offer the possibility of delivering your order in a certain time frame, to receive it before 11:00, during the weekend or even with a premium delivery in which we unpack and fit your product for you, removing all the packaging and waste. The delivery

      method differs per postal code. When you're in step 2 of the checkout process, you can select one of the listed options.

    3. I haven't received my order, what can I do now?

      We usually deliver twice, if you're not at home in the morning, we will return in the afternoon or evening the next day. If this doesn't suit you, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can make a delivery appointment with you.

    4. Can I pick up my order?

      You cannot pick up your order with us, but you can collect at a DHL package shop. Just indicate this in step 2 of the order process.

    5. Can I change my address?

      This is possible if your order hasn't been sent yet, so please contact our customer service on +442034552244 immediately.

    6. Can I have my order delivered by appointment?

      Yes, there are several possibilities. You can easily select this in step 2 of the checkout process.

      You can also contact our customer service so we can set this up for you.

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  • Return & Service

    1. How does the return process work?

      If you're not satisfied with your order, you can simply return it, and you don't need to state a reason. You can return your order by logging into your account and to mark the relevant products or order as a return. Follow the steps, and we will send you your free return labels. You can also click here to enter your return.

    2. What is the status of my return?

      When you return your order, we will send you multiple messages by email to keep you informed of your return shipment. You can also log in to view the status of your return shipment.

    3. My product was delivered faulty, what can I do now?

      If your product was delivered defective, please accept our sincere apologies. Please contact our customer service on +442034552244 or by mail and if possible, accompanied by some photos too. We will always come up with an appropriate solution.

    4. My product was delivered incomplete, what can I do now?

      If your product was delivered incomplete, please accept our sincere apologies. Please contact our customer service on +442034552244 or by mail. We will always come up with an appropriate solution.